Sunday, August 17, 2008

Recent Projects Completed

Recent Projects Completed

We Just Launched an Informational web site for John J. Gall Crane Service, Inc.

John J. Gall Crane Service, Inc. - Staten Island, NY Hydraulic & Rough Terrain Crane Rentals Package included Custom Designed Informational Web Site with Company Logo, Professional Picture Editing & Uploads, Domain Registration, Hosting & Customer Guest Book. We are Extremely Satisfied with how the project has turned out. John Gall Crane Service has been in business over 75 Years serving Staten Island, NY with Crane Work. The Company has decided to take their Marketing to the Internet with a Professionally Designed Web Site. Best Wishes to John Gall & Company.

New Project in the works for September: Adirondack Bear Company ~ Staten Island, NY
Unique Teddy Bears for all Occasions: Coming Soon! a division of SISCO, Inc.

Your web site projects booked by September will be up & running for the Holiday Season. Don't Miss this Valuable Selling Time!

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